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To be or to have

Too often we believe that life will improve once we “have” (obtain) something.  We can, however, flip this and focus on “being” before having.

If you want to have an outstanding partner, work on being someone worthy of an outstanding partner.  If you want to have a better job, take steps to be someone with the skills and work ethic consistent with better employment.

Don’t wait to acquire something.  Don’t wait to be picked by someone else.  You can work on you before anything happens.

Learning from triage

In medical terms, triage is the prioritizing of patients’ needs based on the severity of their conditions.  This wisdom that can also be applied to non-urgent, non-medical circumstances. Intentionally neglecting hundreds of possible uses of attention to focus on what’s most essential is strategic and effective.  In fact, it’s careless not to do so.

Most of my failures and screw-ups aren’t caused by lack of skill, time, or persistence, but a failure to prioritize.

Job interview hack

Two smart questions to ask in a job interview:

1) What was it that prompted you to want to interview me?

2) If you hired me, what would I accomplish so that in a year from now you’d feel that hiring me was a great decision?

Psychologically both questions force the interviewer to visualize you favorably (this is known as pre-suasion).  From a functional perspective, the answers to both are useful in determining what’s important to the interviewer, and whether the work itself is compelling.

The only ways to earn more money

Here’s a quick overview of the only four ways to increase your income:

1) Employee – Trade 8 hours of time to the highest bidder

2) Self-employed – Trade your time for (possibly more) money with better control over who you work for/with

3) Business Owner – Own and manage a system

4) Investor – Your money works to earn more money


It’s difficult to build real wealth in the first two categories alone.  How fortunate we are in America to be able to dabble in multiple categories simultaneously.



Bad day?

Are you really having a bad day? The whole day?  Perhaps a couple bad things happened among the hundreds of good things (or bad things that didn’t) for which you surely owe gratitude.

Every day is the first day of the rest of your life, but don’t wait for a new day.  The same applies to each hour and minute.  The day was never in charge anyways, you are.

Move forward.  You’re creating the next 24 hour-day right now.  Take back control.  You got this.

Focus on quality

Social media “likes” are not business outcomes.  Hours at the gym is not a useful metric.  Number of friends and acquaintances doesn’t say anything meaningful about you.

Are you getting quality sleep?  How fulfilling are your connections?  How do you feel about your career?  How do you look and feel to yourself?  How quickly can you release anger?  Answers to these questions reflect the quality of your health, wealth and relationships.  Focus on quality metrics.

The brilliant Naval Ravikant says this of people who obsess over social media likes and other meaningless metrics: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”


Using knowledge

A 358 page book advocating a specific diet needs only seven bullet-points to summarize how to actually follow the diet.  A 450-page book on mindfulness meditation contains four bullet-points outlining how to perform the meditation.

99% of self-help “knowledge” is comprised of arguing the case for “why”.  Less than 1% is dedicated to the directives (the “how”).

The challenge for those of us who are intellectually curious and always consuming, is to ensure we convert learning to action by answering “how will I use this for myself or others?”

Knowledge is NOT power, applying it is.