FOMO and human connection

There is a strong correlation between heavy social media use and loneliness. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real.  Overusing social media leads to sacrificing genuine human connection, an essential ingredient for a gratifying life.

Technology is helpful, miraculous even, in connecting us to those we may never otherwise connect.  But let’s make sure we use it responsibly, as a tool, rather than a replacement for human connection.

One thought on “FOMO and human connection

  1. Good stuff, couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe how many younger people see someone’s post and are disappointed they weren’t invited. Social media is a bit of a push for lemmings, me too :). Sometimes the truth about what we missed out on, wasn’t really that fun when we get the full story.

    Social can be dangerous to take a very brief scripted description of something to target change that may make something worse. The other concern with social media is we are always looking for agreement and likes with our opinions and rarely get into very deep topics while appreciating people. Remember before we were such socialized beings when we would discuss events in the world together as friends without fear of being labeled and cast out? Remember when we told a friend their idea was crazy then went on to have a great night out with them and stay friends forever?

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