On being “right”

The trouble with much of our public discourse is that even people with good intentions don’t see the difference in one important distinction: Wanting to be right, vs. wanting to know IF you’re right.

One is for truth-seekers (whatever “truth” you’re seeking). The other is for those who are absolutely certain that there is no way of viewing the world other than the way that they’ve decided is correct.

2 thoughts on “On being “right”

  1. Agreed, you say of being right and I say of winning but we mean the same thing. If you want to win you will likely come across as if a judge is watching and you are proving yourself. If you want to understand you may gain understanding and keep a relationship. The world tells me all the reasons I am at odds with almost everyone but the truth is someone smiled and said hello today that likely doesn’t vote like me, live in my neighborhood, or have the same spiritual beliefs I do. The more we seek echo chambers the smaller our world gets and the less creative we become. Grateful!

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