This is why hard work matters less

Having a great work ethic is a virtue.  But some bosses and employees seem to value hard work even more than outputs.  But results are non-linear and may have no correlation to effort.

The guy running the corner grocery store probably works even harder than the investor who earns 10 times as much.  Using scissors to mow the lawn is unnecessarily laborious.  I can hear my dad saying: tell me what you accomplished, not how hard you worked.

WHAT you work hard on and HOW you do the work ends up being more important than the attribute of hard work.  And of course, being intentional about what you work on, being mindful of how you work, and having a great work ethic is the trifecta.

One thought on “This is why hard work matters less

  1. Wonderful wisdom for sure. Your last sentence ought to be converted into wallpaper!

    Best, Laurel


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