Whose goals are they anyway?

Many of us did not consciously choose some of the most consequential life paths we’ve taken.  We are born with a religion, a culture, and strong views on everything from relationships to the significance of education and wealth. Then we delude ourselves into believing that after careful consideration, we chose these ideas.

Obtaining an advanced degree or gaining fame, getting married, traveling the world, or creating wealth are worthy goals, provided they are in fact your goals. No one on their death bed ever said: If only I had spent more time chasing other people’s dreams.

It’s valuable to reflect on the paths we take and ask: “Who is this for?”

2 thoughts on “Whose goals are they anyway?

  1. Wow, this is a great and succinct piece of wisdom. It’s very important to ask this question. Who is this for? We consciously think that we consciously came up with “our own” goals, but this is probably just pride – the ego – talking.

    You said this very well.

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