My humble advice in trying times

In uncertain, even devastating times, it’s easy to get caught up in how surreal life feels when we see how quickly things can deteriorate.  I’m not a therapist and am not trying to play on the Internet.  Just some humble advice for friends coping with the pandemic or any hardship.

DON’T PANIC – Panicking has never improved a situation. Sometimes even over-reactions are appropriate, but panic has never caused anything good to happen to our health, economy, or ability to help others.  Do your best to stay grounded.
CREATE A PLAN – Spend the time you need in disbelief, denial, and anger about your circumstance.  It’s warranted. But then accept reality.  Focusing on a plan is the fastest path to feeling more in control.
OBSESS ONLY OVER THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL – This is smart advice regardless of circumstances. Getting mad at the weather simply diverts resources that could be better spent elsewhere.
DO THE BEST YOU CAN – WITH WHAT YOU HAVE – FROM WHERE YOU ARE – Read that again slowly.  Commit to taking inventory, using resources you do have, and moving forward.

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