An alternative to NY resolutions

The 80/20 principle reveals how 80% of positive or negative experiences result from 20% of events.  Exact ratios vary (90/10, 70/30) but the principle shows how fundamentally unbalanced the world is as it applies to wealth distribution, product sales, and even friends.

A very small number of people own most of the world’s wealth.  A small number of products from any company make up most of its sales.  A small number/percentage of all your friends contribute a huge amount to your well-being.

One alternative to New Year’s resolutions is to review the year, analyzing the people you surround yourself with, your time spent, and uses of attention and energy thru an 80/20 lens.  Which few things in each category contributed to the biggest positive or negative states of mind?  Deciding to make a few very small changes for a disproportionately positive outcome is a terrific investment.

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