On being assertive

Aggressive: Doing what serves you with no respect for others – “We are going to THIS movie. Why do you even want to see that one?”

Passive-aggressive: Communicating in a cynical way –  “Great, let’s go to THAT movie”

Assertive: Stating your beliefs or preferences while respecting others’ – “I’d love to see a movie with you, but not that one.  Can we pick one we both like?”

You choose how you communicate.

2 thoughts on “On being assertive

  1. Thanks, Steve. Great thought. Each time I read one of your posts, I already start looking forward to the next one! You have an amazing talent for crystallizing concepts in a brief and highly relatable way. Self-help books take multiple chapters to cover the same topic and still fall far short of what you achieve in a simple paragraph. Please don’t stop!

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