Play vs. practice

For the few skills at which I excel, I noticed that I never viewed the intense hours I devoted as “practice”. I obsessed over the activities themselves and became interested in the challenge.  There’s a reason you don’t hear: “Gimme a minute mom, I’m working on video game skill acquisition!”

The quality of hours spent mastering a skill is influenced by what we believe we’re doing during those hours.  It’s all practice of course, but doesn’t “playing” and “doing” feel like something we’ll continue long-term?

You will persevere and excel if what you’re doing is an enjoyable challenge and not an obligation.




One thought on “Play vs. practice

  1. When I was a kid my dad asked me, “What do you think makes Magic Johnson such a great basketball player?” I said something along the lines of his natural ability and hard work, to which my dad replied, “No. There are lots of guys who are stronger and faster and work harder, but very few of them are having as much fun as Magic Johnson. When you enjoy something, you improve.”

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