A system for continuous learning

Being an intellectually curious obsessive nutcase when it comes to human performance, I consume a lot of new information.  The high cost of task-switching between deep work and consumption makes it a bad idea to consume info haphazardly.  Here’s what I do instead:

– Automatically or manually move content to the pocket app
– Consume blogs, articles, podcasts, etc. during a scheduled “reading list” appointments I make throughout the week

Without rules and systems for important things, bad habits form – or at the very least, good ones don’t.  Batching and scheduling tasks rather than waiting until I “have time” has proven useful.


One thought on “A system for continuous learning

  1. The first time I’ve read a post of yours here and it’s already relevant to me. I have ADHD and tips like this are useful for me to help manage my challenges. I look forward to following your posts.

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