What are you still doing “just because”?

There are so many examples of laws, sports regulations, and industry practices that served a purpose when they were created, but they persist despite no longer making sense, and despite the fact that the rule-makers are long dead.

Being a non-conformist doesn’t mean walking on your hands just because everyone else is upright.  But it does mean questioning whether the things we do, including popular beliefs and practices, are still serving the greater good.




Success is…

Success is a very personal thing.  Strictly applied to my career, to me “success” means working on solving problems that:

  • give me creative and intellectual fulfillment
  • make a positive change, working with people smarter than me and with whom I share values
  • earn enough money that I have relative abundance, and have reasonable control over my time and (more importantly) attention

It’s worth the effort to define success for you.

Simple gratitude trick

Occasionally I’m moved by an advertisement for a product I don’t need. I’m especially annoyed when it’s a competitive product to one I just purchased, making me second-guess my decision.

Here’s a simple trick to induce an attitude of gratitude: Go back and review commercials and testimonials for products you already own.

Sometimes we find the grass is pretty green where we already stand.

We’re watching what you do

You’re a good person, and it counts when you hold the door for a stranger, or return kindness to someone. But it’s exceedingly easy to be a good person when all is well.  The true character revelation is in what you actually do, and how you handle adversity and conflict,.

It’s apparent in tough times that your religion, your beliefs, your favorite quotes, your social media posts…none of these make you a good person.  Your behavior does.

“Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson