Hard work can work against you

Work ethic is a value we’re taught to respect, as we should. But working hard on the wrong things is counter-productxive.

I would argue that hard work applied to fixing a horrible, toxic relationship or job is mis-applied. If we put energy in monetary terms, it would be like spending $2,000 to repair a $500 laptop. Put your effort into finding the right relationship, job, boss, accountant, mentor, or new laptop.

Working hard to climb the ladder is admirable, but do the harder work of making sure the ladder is leaning up against the right wall.

2 thoughts on “Hard work can work against you

    1. We can’t always know in advance of course. The point here is that once we DO know that it’s toxic, our “hard work” should be applied to moving on/forward, rather than, as I said, spending $2k to fix a $500 laptop 🙂

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