Upgrades on popular wisdom

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me
[Upgrade —>]
Use words wisely and carefully – they carry more weight and can last longer than healing broken bones.

Look both ways before crossing the street
[Upgrade —>]
Make eye contact with the driver (who’s looking at his phone) before crossing in front of a car.  It’s not enough that you can see them.

Treat others as you would have them treat you
[Upgrade —>]
Treat others in the unique way that they wish to be treated.  They’re not you.

Knowledge is power
[Upgrade —>]
Applying knowledge is power.

Don’t Rely on Self-Control

Discipline is an admirable trait, and self-control is a poor strategy.

If you want to avoid unhealthy food, make sure it’s not allowed in your house. If you’re an alcoholic, don’t gather with your friends at the drunk shop (the bar).  And if you’re healing an injury, don’t show up at the gym to do a “light workout” (note to self).

A better strategy is to control your environment so self-control becomes unnecessary.

Which jobs matter most?

One of the most foolish and self-limiting narratives is that a job or task with perceived higher importance matters more.

EVERYTHING you do matters.  Not just tasks that give more spotlight or dollars for your attention and energy.

There is nothing inherently shameful about being a street sweeper.  Every time you volunteer, manage conflict, help a friend, or just make coffee, there’s a chance to excel, and to do something that matters.

It’s Just a Tool

I often hear some version of: Facebook is all [drama / trouble / BS / insert complaint].

Technology and social media make it more efficient for a negative person to complain with a megaphone, a dishonest person to take advantage and steal money, and a kind person to donate bone marrow and save a life.  You can use a hammer to bash someone’s head for no reason, or to build an orphanage.

Don’t blame or credit the tool, but the minds and intentions of those who use them.