Skill Acquisition and the Rule of Two Thirds

You spend a 100 hours reading how-to manuals about boxing and I’ll spend 10 hours sparring.  Wanna get in the ring with me?  Bad career move.

Our brains evolve to learn significantly more by doing than by studying.  The rule of two-thirds says we should spend two-thirds of our learning time actually doing the activity, and one-third on studying. Go get your flight time in.

Motivation is over-rated. Here’s what you need

Motivation is short-lived and over-rated.  Quotes and happy images can provide short-term inspiration, but if you can’t convert them into consistent actions, they’re worthless.

Without exception, everyone who turned their life around, or overcame hardship, or made significant health/wealth/relationship improvements did so because they had a strong enough “why”.

How to re-wire you brain

The fight-or-flight response wires our brains to look for what’s wrong – a useful mechanism that kept our ancestors alive.  But this same reaction firing due to fear of public speaking reflects a bug in our operating system, as 99% of our post-modern, first-world triggers aren’t actually dangerous.

To re-wire your brain, train it to look for what’s beautiful, what’s great, what the most positive attributes in others are. Many times per day.  This is not a happy thought.  In the same way your muscles won’t strengthen by doing a single pull-up once, this is a skills-based attribute that strengthens with daily practice.



What is your personal brand?

You are branded the minute you engage with someone on a business or personal level.  Your brand is the promise others learn to expect from you.  When your product is shipped to their door, when your music shows up in their headphones, when you take a job with them, and when you are asked for advice by a close friend.

Whether it’s intentional or not you have a brand.  Better to be intentional.  The best time to work on it is 5 years ago.  The next best time is now.

[Paraphrased from one of my idols, Seth Godin]

This is the best marketing tactic

I’ve found the most reliable marketing tactic to be doing the absolute best, most remarkable, kick-ass job at whatever service, job or task you perform.

I use the word “remarkable” intentionally.  Be so good that people can’t even compare you.  They can’t help but remark, re-hire and refer you.

This is far more predictable and respected than any highway billboard.