Learnings on not being frustrated by people

A couple concepts and mantras that have made it easier for me to deal with people that would normally frustrate me:

  1. Other people’s opinions of me are not my business
  2. Don’t expect that everyone manages change, adversity, business, or human relationships the way I would, or with the same integrity
  3. Learn to love people because of their idiosyncrasies, not despite them

Work that matters

This is the first generation of children growing up in a world where don’t have to wait to be picked.  They don’t have to convince gatekeepers of their value.  They can do work that matters without permission, simply because they decide to.

In the words of Seth Godin – one of my favorite authors, mentors and human beings: “You are more powerful than you think.  Act accordingly.”

Never mind what you don’t want

Your brain doesn’t understand “no”. Your energy goes where your attention goes.   Try this: DON’T think of a giraffe.  (We both know what just happened.)

Business clients give us lists of what they don’t want.  When life presents a problem or a decision, we often consider what we don’t want to happen, to deal with, or to feel anymore.

Here’s a better question that bulldozes negative thoughts:  “What would be ideal?”