Our limiting beliefs

Circus shows use a thin rope tied to a stake in the ground to keep elephants from moving.  One might wonder how such a powerful animal could possibly be kept under control like this.

The answer: it has been trained from a young age using restraints that actually are too strong from which to escape.  Eventually it “learns” that it’s hopeless and stops trying.

What have you learned to give up on because it’s hopeless?



Hope and despair

A group of soldiers go on a 40 km full-gear march.  A portion are told by researchers that it’s only 30km, another portion that it’s 40km, and the last group that it’s 60km.

After the march, hormone testing reveals that their stress levels are consistent with their expectations, not the reality.

The lesson? Hope and despair are self-fulfilling prophecies.

(Paraphrased from Erik Barker)



Pay now or pay later

When we avoid or delay necessary but difficult conversations, we trade short-term discomfort for long-term dysfunction.  Which usually leads to more discomfort and more dysfunction  over a longer timeline.

Pay now or pay (more) later.

(Hat tip to Anmar Sarafa for the phrase)

Marketing = Showing Up

Here’s my best effort to simplify a complex topic:

Effective marketing is not about getting multiple megaphones (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Direct Mail) and yelling loudly, hoping that your message resonates with a small percentage of many people.

Great marketing means determining exactly what you provide that is uniquely valuable, and for whom, and expending effort to get even better doing what you do for them.

The best form of marketing is consistently showing up and being “remarkable”.  Do that, and people will remark, bringing other like-minded customers with them.