The power of negativity

Any dream, goal, or worthwhile endeavor will have obstacles.  Taking the time to consider – upfront – the realistic threats to achieving the goal, and planning to deal with each is inherently negative.  And extremely useful.

To make this actionable, list each realistic worst-case scenario and ask yourself two questions:

  1. Can I deal with this?
  2. How will I deal with this?

The importance of rituals

You could Google “morning routines” + almost any successful person’s name and find some pretty interesting first-part-of-the-day habits.

There is a strong psychology behind early wins, sometimes via habits as simple as making your bed.  You don’t have to follow other people’s specific habits to be successful.  But research shows that having rituals, especially morning routines (that serve you) will contribute to your success.


What is happiness

The common Buddhist term “suffering” might be more appropriately translated from Pali as “dis-satisfactory-ness” (albeit a made up word).

As author/journalist Eric Weiner says, happiness may be as simple as:
“Not wanting to be elsewhere, doing something else, being something else.”