We’re all investors

One useful definition of investing is to allocate resources to improve quality of life.  In that sense, every one of us is an investor, as resources include money, time, mental energy, and focus.

It may be a worthwhile project to occasionally review your portfolio.  Are the resources you’re trading improving your quality of life?

Forget the weakest link

As a primary investment of energy, over and over I’ve found leveraging strengths versus fixing weaknesses to be the best strategy for quick, small wins.

And over and over I’ve found that because of the psychology behind progress, the most reliable way to ensure big wins is to keep pursuing small ones.

The importance of our stories

One huge factor that holds us back from getting what we want in life is the story we tell ourselves about why we don’t have it.

“That won’t work for me”, “I’m a victim”, and “I don’t have the resources” are stories we tell ourselves to avoid the tough questions (and tougher answers).

Whenever possible, swap your story for the truth.  Or at least a better story.

Embrace your weirdness

Let’s face it, you’re weird.  There’s a bell curve that represents “normal”, and your views, habits and behaviors are within that range for some things and well outside it for others.

You have a perspective, a teachable point of view, and the potential to create unique value for others in a way that no one else could.  We are all weird.  Embrace your brand of weirdness.