It’s a common mistake to over-complicate topics we’re learning more about, skills we’re trying to acquire, and any of life’s predicaments in which we find ourselves.  A mistake because complication stifles action and forward progress.

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

Worrying is never useful

Some emotional states serve a useful purpose despite the negative baggage associated with them.  Stress is one example.

Others, like worry, have a negative connotation for good reason.  Worry is never useful.  Either you can change the outcome or you can’t.  Either act and don’t worry, or decide not to act and don’t worry.

Knowing is not enough

Many of us consume massive amounts of information for the purpose of gaining knowledge.  I’ve personally found it helpful to continually ask myself: how will I use this to help myself and others?

I would amend “knowledge is power” in favor of “applying knowledge is power”.  After all, knowing without using information is the same as not knowing.

Being true

There’s no sure path to success, but the surest recipe for failure and disappointment is probably trying to please everyone.

Being true to ourselves often means we have to let others down.  Recognizing and learning to be okay with that is a worthy struggle.

(Hat tip to yoga teacher Jonny Kest)


A friend who’s CEO of an advertising agency taught me about micro-moments – a trend where people increasingly turn to devices for ultra fast interactions that include buying things.  Not surprising that we shop via phones and tablets, but revealing that a huge number of sales take place essentially while doing something else (walking to the car, at a red light, in line at the store…).

If shopping no longer only takes place when we make lists and plan a trip to the store, perhaps we have mirco-moments opportunities to make a positive impact in people’s personal and business lives without scheduling interventions and meetings.

A short text offering encouraging words…a quick phone call to give a referral or make an introduction…