Experts agree

Lots of credible experts who are clearly smart and accomplished disagree with their equally credible colleagues.  That’s why when most experts agree I pay attention.

3 self-improvement practices that are relatively un-contested:

  1. Sleep = the force-multiplier:  Protect your sleep and stop bragging about how little you get.  If you don’t get enough, Google the benefits of getting more.  There are too many to list here.  The effects are immediate.
  2. Drink more water:  So many bodily functions hinge on getting enough water.  Most of us don’t consume enough (minimum = half your body weight in ounces)
  3. Meditation is useful:  Just about everyone will feel tangible improvements from some kind of meditation/ mindfulness practice.  There are many kinds and they’re not all for you.  Tons of benefits – and no studies I’m aware of show evidence of harm.

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