Resumes are often filled with words like “great communication skills”, “results-oriented” and “top-notch sales professional”, prompting recruiters and hiring managers’ eyes to glaze over.

Great communicators communicate well, results-oriented people accomplish things, and great sales people sell more than others.  Exceptional people leave a trail of evidence, and a well-done resume lists outcomes that show, rather than tell by using adjectives.

“Don’t tell me how hard you worked, tell me what you accomplished.”
– Andrew G. Acho

Be, Do, Have

Most of us get it backwards.  We want to have a million dollars, so we can do things millionaires do, then we’ll be millionaires.

Instead, be a millionaire first, do things millionaires do (think like, act like, use principles like), and then, have millions.

Apply this to improving your health, looks, and anything else you want to manifest.  The first step is the most difficult, as it requires you to believe that you are already something without the immediate evidence.

Every self-made millionaire I know was busy being a millionaire long before they had their money.

Happiness exercise

Direct your attention to another person and honestly wish them happiness.  Really feel it.

10 points if you can do this exercise and think the thought.
1,000 points if you can do this exercise and actually feel the feeling.
1,000,000 points if the subject is someone you’re not particularly fond of (or perhaps they’re not fond of you).

Cash the points in for improved mental state and quality of life.  I have no science to back this up, but I bet it affects the quantity of life as well.

2 ways to fake it and improve performance

1) Expect rather than hope for success.
Hope = I’m unsure.  Expect = The attitude that every challenge is part of the path to success.

2) Adopt a “power pose” for 2 minutes.
Spread out.  Stand like Superman / Wonder Woman – for 120 seconds to quickly boost your confidence before any kind of performance.

Both these tactics are reliable and research-backed.