Sticks and stones

A few years ago I made a New Years’ Resolution that I still practice: I never keep an honest compliment to myself.  I promised myself that I would vocalize any authentic and positive thought about someone else.

I believe we underestimate how simple words of praise can induce positive, even life-altering changes.

Next time you’re silently admiring anything about a friend, colleague or total stranger, why not break your silence?

Better than before

I hold the optimistic belief that in any kind of relationship, both parties should be better off because of the relationship than they would be otherwise.  Imagine the value we’d create if we approached every interaction intending to both benefit and be better off as a result.

The simple intent to aspire to leave things better than before might be naive, but I hope to leave this earth having done that.


Urgent and Important

A ringing phone is urgent in the sense that you’ll miss the call if you don’t answer.  But that doesn’t make it important. Planting a seed (physically or metaphorically) will never be urgent, but it’s a necessity for future growth.

While some of us rush from one emergency to the next, successful athletes, artists, businesspeople, and parents devote time to this category: important but not urgent.