Focus on what you can control

I continue to notice that the smartest, healthiest, most successful and well-adjusted people have a consistent  habit: they focus on the what they can control.

They’re still pissed off when someone cuts them off in traffic, their basements flood, or their flights get canceled.

But their reflex habit is to expend a disproportionately small amount of energy on the “what’s wrong with this situation”, and quickly get to the “what am I gonna do about it”.

Sunk cost and everyday life

In economics and business, sunk cost refers to a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered.¬† We sometimes make irrational decisions about our future (I’m going to stay in this job I hate…) due to our misunderstanding of investment and our aversion to loss (…because I’ve already worked here 10 years). This is a failure to understand sunk cost.

Better to reflect on whether these things still serve you, rather than sticking with a job, a relationship, or social group because you’ve already “sunk” cost into them.

Be sure you’re not sinking further.