Knowing is never enough

We consume thousands of books, documentaries, articles, compelling social media posts, and advice from people wiser than us.

But learning is never enough.  Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing.

So the question my friends, every time you learn something significant, is:  what are you going to start (or stop) doing?

The Strongest Force in the Human Personality

From master success strategist Tony Robbins: “The strongest force in the human personality is our need to be consistent with who we believe we are.”

At some point, we lock in with an identity and think, ‘this is who I am’, ‘this is how people like me behave’.

When exactly did you decide who you were?  Is that identity still serving you and those you love?

Perhaps it’s time to raise the standard of who you are, and establish habits and rituals that are consistent with it.